Franklin J. Foil Receives Business Group Endorsement


BATON ROUGE – EASTPAC, a political action arm of the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry, officially endorsed Franklin J. Foil, candidate for State Representative in District 70.

“I welcome the endorsement,” said Foil. “By endorsing my candidacy, EASTPAC is making a clear statement that the interests of business and the growth of our economy will be in good hands when I am elected.”

Foil has made economic development a primary issue in his campaign. Franklin said he will work to find new incentives for business growth, and he will seek to make our government a “partner in economic growth and not a roadblock.” Franklin added that he believes that we must also strengthen our ethics laws to attract new industry.

“The bottom line is that business and I agree that economic development must be a priority in government,” said Foil. “Louisiana must be a state that not only welcomes business growth, but works to support it.”