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Franklin Foil Receives Strong Public Endorsements


Baton Rouge, La - Franklin Foil, Republican candidate for the Louisiana State House of Representatives, District 70, has received four impressive public endorsements in his election bid.

The Baton Rouge Business Report’s Publisher endorsed Franklin Foil in his October 8, 2007 column. In addition, Foil also has received the co-endorsement from Future PAC,

The Louisiana State Medical Society’s PAC Louisiana Medical Committee also endorsed Franklin as has the Capital Region Home Builders Association.

“I’d be appreciative of any one of these public endorsements alone, much less all of them” said Foil in response to the endorsements. “Each represents a critical area of our community and state. Each is as eager as most of us are to build a better Louisiana for our future and for our children. These are conservative, good government and business oriented groups that are supporting candidates who are determined to clean up the corruption of politics in Louisiana. If elected I can assure the people of District 70, I will be at the forefront in working for real ethics reform.”


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