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Rep. Foil's "Special Needs School Choice" Bill Passes House of Representatives


BATON ROUGE- House Bill 216, which would create a pilot “school choice” option for students with special needs, was passed by the Louisiana House of Representatives by a margin of 79-15 and will be considered by the Louisiana Senate.

District 70 State Representative Franklin Foil introduced the bill.

Foil’s legislation would allow a parent or guardian of an eligible student who chooses to enroll the student in an eligible nonpublic school to apply for and receive an educational certificate for the cost of educational services offered by the school redeemable by the school from the department.

"Louisiana parents should have the right to choose the very best educational program for their children, “ said Foil.

“My bill will allow parent's who have special needs children to demand that part of their tax dollars be applied to tuition for a private school that can provide the needed services for their children,” said Foil

The pilot period will be for two-years and, if it is passed and signed into law, will take effect for the 2010-2011 school year. Special needs students entering kindergarten and first through eighth would be covered by Foil’s bill.

“These children are our most fragile citizens, and they deserve all of the help our State can provide for them,” said Foil.

Contact: Margaret Nabers

(225) 342-6777


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