The Issues

Fiscally Responsible

Our state government and state spending have reached a point that is no longer sustainable. We must find ways to reduce the size of government and begin to ease the tax burden on our families and businesses. While ensuring that critical services of government are met, the Legislature must find ways to minimize unnecessary costs and waste. Foil has proposed and passed legislation to eliminate midyear elections and to extend the period to renew a personal driver’s license from 4 to 6 years in order to make government less costly and more efficient for our citizens.


The future of our state depends on how we invest in our education system today. From protecting TOPS for generations to come, to finding ways to improve our schools and putting students first. Foil passed the Start K-12 savings account to provide a tax-free savings account to help our families pay for school tuition for their children.

Transportation & Roads

Baton Rouge has multiplied in recent years, unfortunately though, our roads and infrastructure system have not stayed up to date. The challenges our city faces are tremendous and require strategic planning along with securing funding from the state and federal level to solve the issue. Foil has sponsored legislation to promote public/private partnerships to address our crumbling road system and to provide funding for a new Mississippi River bridge.

Special Needs Advocate

Foil has a proven track record of being a strong and reliable advocate for advancing the welfare of those with special needs. He has passed legislation mandating health insurance coverage for children on the autism spectrum. Recently, he authored the ABLE Act which creates a tax-free savings account to ease the financial strains on those faced with disabilities and their families. Foil is dedicated to continuing the fight to create a more accessible society for those with special needs.
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